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Writing a new entry after such a loooong year + some months has been tough to complete on many levels, as I am sure you can relate to. We pushed, pulled, crawled, cried, slept and ate our way through 2020 in some form or another. Our brains and emotions have been on overdrive, and the fear of the unknown has been paralyzing at times. While there seems to be a glimmer of real transformation in the distance, we undoubtedly have a lot more hard work, real conversations and listening to take part in. Like so many of you, I am trying my damndest to not let the current dialogue of change become a conversation that morphs into“background noise” where we become numb to it and fall back into a mind set that someone else will do the work.

My hopes are that in 2020 you and I have grown in ways that we have become an “enhanced” version of ourselves, in a way that makes the world in which we all live in,  a better place. 

Personally, I had time to excavate internal dialogues and paradigms that helped me make some serious headway towards healthier patterns. I have had so many uncomfortable self realizations that they will undoubtedly be on my Work To Be Done list for quite some time. I did manage to turn a few grooves inside out to honestly feel a real shift inside and able to notice when I am juuuuuust about to revert into my old way of doing, thinking or reacting. Having the time of constant self reflection was appealing, yet also exhausting, as I can imagine you relate to. While I had 897,845,612 “HOLY SHIT, I have got to work on that” moments, I didn’t get many opportunities to put many new skill sets into Real Life due to COVID and not having proper social situations to utilize in person. Now that we are getting out more often and among many people, everything hits in an entirely different way and my Learning and Doing Crusade is in full effect.

July 2021’s personal mantras is currently

Uncomfortable = clarity

So many things and topics to share in upcoming entries, I am so excited! Until those are posted, I figured I’d quickly share a short blurb of the significant events since we last spoke, in order to bring us all into the current state of my brain and residence.


2021 as of now

We have all been and will go through so many difficult times in our lives, let's get through them together, with truth, love and respect for all.

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