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Happy Trail

​Happy Trail originally began with the idea that when we work together, we can accomplish things that you never dreamed possible. Many of us don’t want to face the unknown alone and just need someone to help us kick some ass. My thought was that I would be your sidekick and support for taking on whatever came your way. We would illuminate your strengths and passion to uncover your truth in order to live the life you deserve.

As time progressed, blogs were posted and realizations were had that this was so much more than simply a one on one journey. You vocalized to me that you needed an honest voice, to know that there are people out there in the world dealing with the same good, bad and ugly that you feel and live with as well. This is about US and the dreams we are entitled to not only have, but LIVE.

​By sharing stories of my past, escapades of the future, and random soul contortions of the moment, we can laugh, cry, learn and grow. Together.
It's not easy, but we are so fucking worth it.

Happy Trail is here to inspire, ignite, empower and restore the human connection that we may have lost somewhere along the way. I intend to highlight our commonalities, as well as celebrate our diversity in an attempt to strengthen the bond we share as humans.

The world is becoming more interconnected everyday, through social media and other new ways of communicating, but people feel lonelier than ever. I want to do something about that disconnect and help people feel supported, heard and loved. I would love nothing more than for you to be a part of my Happy Trail expedition to search, share, and provide happy everywhere that I can, am invited to, or fall upon.​
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