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LookSeeDo specializes in functional training at every level of fitness, whether you are a total beginner, getting back at it for the 3rd or 4th time, or a seasoned athlete. Real life requires strength, endurance, and mobility in order to thrive and fully experience everything that comes your way. By constantly changing your workouts we keep your body engaged and progressing forward, to live life as the best you. No two workouts or plans are the same, everything is personalized for you.


  • Molly is a joy to work with. Her energy and her passion for life is contagious. Her compassion for her clients is felt immediately. In the hour that we train together, she helps me find the best version of myself. I highly recommend Molly.

    Jeffrey Nasers

  • Molly is, by far, the person I have been most comfortable with leading me through the very overwhelming world of better overall health and working out. Her positive attitude and zest for life (mixed with just enough toughness), her contagious smile, and her drive to keep my workout rolling quickly and seamlessly are EXACTLY what I needed to get myself going down the right path toward my health and fitness goals. My life and health has improved beyond measure with Molly in the mix. She is a WONDERFUL trainer!

    Tina S

    Yelp Review
  • Molly was my trainer from 2008-2018. In 2008 I had one leg amputated and in 2011 the other leg. Molly was exactly what I needed to keep me going!
    She encouraged me to stay positive and keep exercising no matter how bad I wanted to give up some days. Thanks to her I am where I am today strong as ever!
    Molly helped me not only physically but mentally as well. She also lead me in the right direction to balance my diet as I am a diabetic. No one will ever be able to replace her.

    Jim Surdyk

  • Hiring Molly was above and beyond the best decision I made in my post-partum weight loss journey. I am the kind of person who will avoid working out at all costs. So for me, knowing that Molly would show up at my door – at 8am – every Monday, Wednesday and Friday was a game changer during my maternity leave. Molly is like this perfect, peppy, pixie cut, little ball of energy. No matter how exhausted I was, she was always able to motivate me into having a great workout. It is truly a testament to what an amazing trainer she is. Every workout we did was different, I didn’t need any of my own equipment, and she got my kids involved – which I loved.

    Emily Wieczorek

    Two Peas In a Prada
  • After struggling for years to lose the ‘baby weight,’ it was Molly Keeler who was able to guide me to a stronger, fit physique; better health and the kitchen skills to maintain what has been achieved. Molly has been my coach; pushing me far enough out of my comfort zone to get results but not so far as to incur injury (which had plagued me in the past). Even though the workouts changed my body, it wasn’t until Molly helped me change my eating habits that I finally was able to recognize my pre-baby body. Vanity aside, the health benefits are a serendipitous bonus. My blood pressure is that of a perfectly healthy woman; I am no longer winded when I run up and down steps and I am even building back my bone density after being diagnosed with osteopenia.

    ​Molly’s enthusiasm for what she does has kept me motivated. She has a passion for quality living and that is evident in her depth of knowledge of health and fitness issues and in her passion for teaching me how my personal goals can be realized. I thought I could get here on my own. I was wrong. It has been Molly’s devotion to my objectives that have kept me focused and free from the setbacks of injury or self-doubt. Molly is a life changer!

    Sheila J

  • What can I say? Besides being a stellar trainer Molly Keeler is a stellar individual. My husband and I started working with Molly when my husband was slipping into dementia and needed physical stimulation. She did a marvelous job with him .... and me. She is able to ascertain each client's needs and work for the best outcome.

    Barb Sitzman

  • Molly is amazing! My entire adult life I have tried and failed to stick with a gym, a class, a trainer--either things didn’t work for my schedule, or the workouts got old, or I saw too little progress for the effort and money. A year ago I started training with Molly and she has been a game changer! She comes to my home with a different workout each time, brings the equipment we need, and an inexhaustible amount of good energy, support and laughter. Molly is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled at what she does—I am stronger and more flexible and am so excited by the results! She is a boost for body and spirit! A fan and forever client.

    Maya Tester

  • I have known Molly for over 2 years and she has kept me inspired and focused on my workout. She changes it up monthly and gives me different cycles to do. With Covid we have used Zoom and hopefully coming up we can go back to do it in person. After my workout I text her to let her know that I have completed my workout.
    Molly’s is focused on her clients and is easily reachable if you are having trouble. I have never had a trainer, but having Molly in my life has been a godsend.

    Mark Sauter

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