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Pantry Raid: I will educate you how to fill your kitchen with nutritious foods for a healthy, practical and balanced way of eating. We will get rid of the unhealthy foods you consume and set you up with a personalized approach according to your needs, not someone else’s.

Grocery Stop Shop: Fully personalized. I will help you choose healthy versions of the foods YOU love, at the store YOU shop at, in order to feel your best and function at your healthiest.
You will see how easy healthy eating can be when you are loaded with the right

Nutritional Guidance: Online and in person. The possibilities are vast. Popular choices have been nutritional classes for the family, weekly check ins for motivation, one on one conversations that provide insight into behaviors, as well as basic meal planning to help you attain your personalized health goals.
Servicing the Twin Cities, MN, Metro Area.
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